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Welcome to Chakra Meditate - Yoga Retreats and Online Classes.


Meditation today has become a necessity owing to our hectic, stress-inducing lifestyles. Unfortunately, not many people are comfortable with simply imposing, silence and stillness. Yoga is a great way to prepare your body and mind for meditation. In our Trekking and Meditation retreats you will learn to calm your mind in the midst of serene nature. Our expert instructors will lead a program of asanas and pranayam designed to help you meditate deeply to activate your dormant Kundalini Shakti.

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Kundalini Meditation

This is a meditation style, which was kept a secret for centuries. Kundalini Shakti (translated as Serpent Power) resides at the bottom of the spinal column, also referred to as Mooladhar Chakra. Our Meditation practice is designed to help you release your Kundalini energy. You can join our online kundalini meditation classes or onsite trekking and meditation retreats to practice the art of raising your coiled kundalini while cleansing all the chakras. Let the prana flow and provide yourself with the bliss that life has to offer.

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Trekking and Meditation

You can now join our trekking and meditation retreats to cater to your physical body and mental fitness alike. The best consciousness enhancing classes await you. Moreover, you can now venture out to practice yoga amidst hills, flowing rivers, and verdant forests. Be one with nature and rediscover your own hidden power, located within.

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Health and Healing

Get access to the best yoga therapy for disease management. All yoga postures direct energy to a particular part of the body. If you practice asanas, bandhas, mudras, and kriyas, according to Kundalini principles, chronic diseases can be alleviated leading to improved health and greater physical, mental and emotional well being.

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Our Exclusive Services


Online Classes

Our experienced teachers have devised exclusive online classes essentially incorporating all the three wings of Yoga as described in vedas and introduced to us by Patanjali Sutras, to give you maximum benefit from your practice. Our live online classes are available at globally convenient timings in personalised, small class format. Many of our online students have joined us for on-site retreats as well, to get the full experience.

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Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Join our yoga and meditation retreat program, in the tranquil surroundings of the Himalayas. The retreat programs are for 3-5 days or more, depending upon your preference. We choose the best locations away from the hustle-bustle, conducive for meditation practice. All retreats include trekking as a form of walking meditation. You can join the program, with an open heart and mind to get the best benefits.

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Yoga for Disease Management

Almost all common lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, stress and anxiety etc. that have affected millions, can be alleviated by incorporating Yoga asanas, pranayam and meditation in your daily routine. Heal your body and mind by making Yog an integral part of your treatment plan under expert guidance of our teachers.

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Holistic Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is the ancient art of using prana (chi) or life energy to heal the physical body. A skilled Pranic healer, using meditation as a tool, transmits his own life-energy to enhance the natural healing process of the body. Healer also guides the individual to direct his own energy to appropriate chakras in order to remediate the diseased region.

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Nada (Sound Healing)

Naada Healing uses sound vibrations at different frequencies to treat a person. It provides solace from anxiety, stress, emotional-disbalance and physical ailments by working on chakras using music in its various forms.

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Why are we different

Our ancient Rishis had developed a confluence of Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation while living in the Himalayas surrounded by mountains, river valleys and forests. They practiced in the open while breathing fresh air. Nature provided an essential ingredient for perfecting their holistic practice. It was diametrically opposed to how Yoga is taught today - large classes in enclosed halls with fast-paced gym-like asanas, named Power Yoga, totally separated from pranayam and meditation. It is our endeavour to bring Yoga back to its past glory and serve it to our students in its original form, as described in our ancient scriptures to the extent possible.

Teaching Philosophy

Swamiji and Manishaji practice Yoga as a holistic practice described in ancient texts. Their novel approach involves instruction in Asanas, Pranayam and Meditation together, offered as either, on-line classes, in small groups or as in-person excursions in the Himalayas, at locations chosen specifically to provide positive energy to enhance our practice.

Special Features

Our Yoga Teacher

You can meet the mentors in this program. Each one of them has years of yoga and meditation experience, and are perfect tutors for you.


Sachidanand Ji

Yoga Trainer

Manisha Ji

Yoga Trainer

Swaraj Ji

Naad Yoga Teacher

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