Pranic Healing and Nada Yoga (Sound Healing)

Holistic Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is the ancient art of using prana (chi) or life energy to heal the physical body. A skilled Pranic healer, using meditation as a tool, transmits his own life-energy to enhance the natural healing process of the body. Healer also guides the individual to direct his own energy to appropriate chakras in order to remediate the diseased region.Our certified Pranic Healers offer personalized one-on-one sessions (online and in-person) to heal your specific disease state. Please contact us for details.

Pranice Healing Online

Nada (Sound Healing)

Naada Healing uses sound vibrations at different frequencies to treat a person. It provides solace from anxiety, stress, emotional-disbalance and physical ailments by working on chakras using music in its various forms.

At Chakrameditate we offer Nada healing as an adjunct to our Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation practice. We also persona;lized therapy sessions (online and in-person) with our expert Nada gurus to provide solutions to your specific ailments or areas targeted for healing.

Online Sound Healing Course

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Pranic Healing and Nada Yoga Single Drop-In Class 15 USD Enroll Now
Pranic Healing and Nada Yoga 5 Classes over 1 Week Package 60 USD Enroll Now
Pranic Healing and Nada Yoga 20 Classes over 1 Month Package 200 USD Enroll Now